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Here it is, ladies and gentleman. I think it is now official that I am truly integrated in the learning technology community as I am both on Twitter and have my own blog.

Spurred on by my awesome boss, Anne-Marie, I set up this website. It may or may not be a challenge whether I could get it up and running in less than an hour. Needless to say I managed in about 15 minutes. Picking the theme seemed to be harder than setting up the domain!

I am hoping to use this to share my thoughts on different areas, to showcase the work I have done, and to have a bigger digital footprint. (also hoping that learning how to work with Wordpress will help me to add another skill to my linkedin) 

I also hope it will serve as a way for me to share a massive change in my life. As much as I try to deny it, in June 2018 I will be done with my studies and unemployed. As someone who has always gone the direct route through the educational system, it will be a really big change to suddenly have to consider what I would like to do. I feel ready to leave studying for a while, but I also feel like I am really young to suddenly be an adult. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading my very first blog post – may it be the first of many!


  1. Charlie

    It’s a not so secret truth that we’re all still figuring this one out. 😉

    Will I see you on 23 Things now that you have your own blog? 😀

    • Karoline

      That might be a good idea to get started on! Now that I have this new and shiny blog I should probably use it

      • Anne-Marie

        Oh yes – doing some of the 23 Things would be a great way to get started blogging. As regards #adulting I think you’re doing a pretty good job already. No firm plans, take all opportunities and work out what you like as you go is my best advice.

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