by Karoline Nanfeldt

Month: February 2018

Being Cool with Being Uncool

Allow me to set the scene: It is a Friday night in a nightclub on George Street (read: one of those fancy ones where the interior is nice and the drinks are expensive). The scene can almost be compared to a park back in the day where the better folk would be promenading to show off how much money they have to spend on clothes.

As other people tried to do the socially acceptable form of rocking to some kind of electronic remix, I realised I wasn’t concerned with being cool. Being one of those other people would look to and think “wow I wish that was me”.

Instead, we decided to trade the least cool dance moves we knew. Slowly, this group formed where the main aim was not to fit in with the rest, but instead to have a good time. I think that night may go down as the most fun I have had in a long time.

I have started realising that in contrast to my teenage years, I have started to reach a point where it is not as important to me what others think. Instead of being concerned with my image and fitting in with the norms, I have accepted that I’d probably lose a sense of myself in the process.

I have several uncool things I do; how many 22 year olds neatly stack their Tupperware? (most of my drawers are actually neatly organised) When I started kickboxing, I knew I’d never be the best, and that I’d probably struggle to learn most of the moves. (just have a look at tornado kicksBut I enjoy the kickboxing, so why should that be important? Karoline 5 years ago would never have done a sport where she’d inherently suck, but the importance of being the best in other people’s eyes is just no longer a main priority for me.

On a popularity scale, there’s no doubt I am far away from the top. And you know what, I’m cool with that.



Here it is, ladies and gentleman. I think it is now official that I am truly integrated in the learning technology community as I am both on Twitter and have my own blog.

Spurred on by my awesome boss, Anne-Marie, I set up this website. It may or may not be a challenge whether I could get it up and running in less than an hour. Needless to say I managed in about 15 minutes. Picking the theme seemed to be harder than setting up the domain!

I am hoping to use this to share my thoughts on different areas, to showcase the work I have done, and to have a bigger digital footprint. (also hoping that learning how to work with Wordpress will help me to add another skill to my linkedin) 

I also hope it will serve as a way for me to share a massive change in my life. As much as I try to deny it, in June 2018 I will be done with my studies and unemployed. As someone who has always gone the direct route through the educational system, it will be a really big change to suddenly have to consider what I would like to do. I feel ready to leave studying for a while, but I also feel like I am really young to suddenly be an adult. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading my very first blog post – may it be the first of many!

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